I want to see my kids.

I want to meet my granddaughter when she’s born.

I want to hug people.

I want to not feel the world is dying every single day.

I want to feel joy.

I miss the gym.

I’m sad about losing my friend, Mike.

I miss yoga class in person and talking to people before and after.

I miss talking to people.

I miss being friendly. Because I’m a friendly person.

I miss leisurely walking through the grocery store and not thinking, I might die if I stay here.

I miss movies.

I miss theater.

I miss hugging.

I miss feeling safe.

I miss being inside places, and that feeling nice, not threatening.

I miss not worrying about our democracy and our government every. single. day.

Maybe I was too complacent, but democracy was something I counted on.

I miss looking forward to things.

Making plans.

Seeing people I work with.

I feel stressed about what to do about my writing. Books? Plays? Television? All of them?

Sometimes it feels like too much and I feel stressed and confused and it would be easier if someone just told me what to do. But that’s not how it works.

I want to be successful. I want to buy a house.

I want my family closer — at least part of the time.

I want Biden to win.

I want our world to heal.

I want to not cry every day.

I want this sadness and outrage I feel to go away

I want to feel like the country will keep humming along just fine and I don’t have to worry all the time.

I want to sleep well.

I want to have people over.

I want to see people and not worry if I’m too close, if they’re too close.

I hate him, whose name I will not write. I hate all of them for not caring that people are dying, are sick and broke.

I want justice. I want peace.

I want people to be kind to each other.

I never had to worry about voting, I just did it because this is America. This was America.

I want to meet my granddaughter.

I am a freelance journalist, playwright and entrepreneur with a million side hustles to support my writing habit.

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