It seems like every time I boot up my computer someone is offering advice on how to be more productive, more creative, and just more awesome during Covid. Honestly, all those articles just make me want to crawl under a blanket and do nothing. Which is kind of what I…

I want to see my kids.

I want to meet my granddaughter when she’s born.

I want to hug people.

I want to not feel the world is dying every single day.

I want to feel joy.

I miss the gym.

I’m sad about losing my friend, Mike.

I miss…

When the shutdown first started I thought we’d be asked to shelter in place for a few weeks and then it would be over. Being a pandemic virgin I was a little smug about our country’s ability to deal with a crisis of this scale. and take care of its…

I was always kind of an unusual child. A bit more worrisome, a bit more sensitive, never quite like everyone else. I spent a lot of time alone amusing myself by playing library with my dolls and stuffed animals. You know, as one does.

I was scared of the life-size…

In the best of times, I question what I’m doing with my life if not every day, at least a few times a week. I attribute it to being a creative, not an artist, a term I ascribe to painters, sculptors, filmmakers, and such, not me, I write, sometimes successfully…

Candace Hammond

I am a freelance journalist, playwright and entrepreneur with a million side hustles to support my writing habit.

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